Daofile – Premium Account

Cloud storage is all the rage now and dedicated hosting and sharing platforms are fast gaining momentum as tenable alternatives to the traditional hosting platforms like email.

One of the most popular file-sharing platforms at the moment is Daofile. The US-based site is primarily known for its cheap subscriptions, large storage capacity, and unlimited speeds.

What is Daofile.com?

Daofile FreeDaofile Premium
Download Limit1 GB in 3 Days50 GB in 3 Days
Upload Limit500 MB per DayUnlimited
File Expiration90 days since last download180 days since last download
Waiting Time Before Downloads90 secondsNone
Download TypeIndirect LinksOne-Click downloads
Simultaneous DownloadsNoneUnlimited
Resume DownloadsNoUnlimited Resumes
Download SpeedsSlowUnlimited

Daofile is a file-sharing platform that allows users to safely and conveniently upload and download files at any time, from any location.

Unlike most file-hosting platforms that require subscriptions as a prerequisite for storage, Daofile has a free package that allows you to upload, share and download small volumes of data.

However, if you really want to experience the full range of benefits, it is advisable to get a premium account.

Signing Up for Daofile

Opening a Daofile account is free and straightforward. The first step involves inputting your name, email, and password. The second step is to verify the account, which is itself a one-click process.

Once you sign up, you can start uploading and downloading your files straight away. However, your experience will probably not be as good when on the free version, because as mentioned above, the download speeds and storage space will be limited.

Daofile Safety Features

If you deal with sensitive or confidential data, you will be naturally reluctant to host them on an insecure platform.

Luckily, Daofile requires the use of a 4-digit security pin to perform sensitive functions like deleting files. The pin ensures that your account and files will remain safe even when hackers get access to your email and password.

The site also uses SSL encryption to secure the payment portal, which ensures that all the financial data you key in will remain safe and confidential.

Daofile Experience and Test

Too often, the advertised speeds of most file-hosting services differ considerably with the actual speeds.

With Daofile, the user experience is pretty consistent with what they advertise. Below is a representation of the average speeds for each of the two tiers.

It is worth noting that the figures above are not absolute or universal. They are simply the average of several tests carried out before the time of writing.

How fast your experience is when using Daofile depends on how strong your connection is. The 2.5 Mbps download speed, for instance, is more or less what you’ll get when you are on a fast connection and on the Premium plan.

Is it worth a try?

By and large, Daofile is a great file-sharing option, not only due to its amazing selection of utility features but also the convenience it offers in terms of payment methods.

What’s more, the site offers you the option of a free account. Although not exactly the best option, the free account allows you to share and download smaller files.

However, if you want to enjoy a seamless, more convenient experience the Premium plan is your best bet. The plan gives you full control over your uploads and downloads and also allows you to control your download speeds.

Getting a Daofile premium subscription is also relatively cheap compared to other equally good file-sharing services, and more so compared to the advantages you are set to receive.

The only downside is that the service doesn’t allow anonymous download, which may be a let-down to people who prefer to have their download histories kept private.

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