Do I have to wait to download?

Yes, there is a 30-seconds waiting time before you download any file, regardless of size, using a Free account. Only Premium account holders can download instantly, without any delays. Also, Daofile.com works without any advertisements for them.

Does the server keep my files for a long time?

It depends on the membership type you chose. Free accounts only let you store files for 30 days at maximum, whereas with Premium ones you may keep them indefinitely.

How do I download other people’s files?

You may download a file or more only if the user has agreed to share these with you via a direct link. Therefore, you need their direct consent/permission to do this. You cannot even view someone’s else’ s files, nor can they view yours.

Why would I need a Premium account?

We would actually create a DaoFile Premium FAQ to detail its features and benefits. This removes so many limitations specific to the Free account type.
You will enjoy maximum speed as you upload, and you will be able to use files as big as 30 GB. Any content is kept on the servers for as long as you want to keep it. Additionally, you may opt to work with several files at once, not just with a unique stream.

Can I choose Premium after I’ve chosen the Free account?

Yes, you may become a Premium account holder even if you have already chosen and used a Free one. You are not stuck with that one. As soon as you made the payment, restrictions become invalid, and you can use all the features of DaoFile Premium.

What happens when the connection breaks?

Internet connection troubles aren’t an issue when you’re signed for the Premium service. If the service stops, you may simply resume the downloading once it’s back and functioning. Should you need additional help, it is permitted to use download managers.

Why is the upload/download speed so low?

If you signed for a Free account, there is nothing that can be done while you’re still committed to that. It will run slowly. However, if you’re switching to Premium, that will solve your problem. Speeds increase dramatically for both uploads and downloads as you get the better version of the service.

Can DaoFile store big files?

Free account holders can upload files up to 1 Gb. With the Premium subscription option, it is possible to store ones that are as big as 30 Gb.

What payment options do you support?

To upgrade your subscription, you may either pay with Visa, with MasterCard or with the Bitcoin virtual currency.